eeSea Vessel Forecasts

eeSea Vessel Forecasts tracks and forecasts vessel schedules in real-time, providing constantly updated ETAs for given ports, vessels and services.

Transparency and confidence in the forecasted ETAs allow port communities and cargo owners alike to properly plan assets and supply chains, avoid costly incidents and reduce buffers and cargo transit times.

All users see the same information, reducing the need for phone calls and mails back and forth with multiple version of that latest Excel file.

How does it work?

Users can subscribe to receive information on any number of vessels, either by service into a given port (for example all vessels into a given port) or by single vessels (for example a specific booking).

Forecasts can be set up with a horizon of 7, 14, 21 days or more, depending on your needs.

Vessel forecasts will be updated at least daily, and delivered to you on your own dashboard inside the eeSea web app. For each vessel, you can furthermore drill into deviation vs proforma, current location, current delays and omissions etc.

A proprietary algorithm, but suited to your needs

eeSea Vessel Forecasts are built on a proprietary algorithm, combining multiple data sources, historical data and elements of machine learning and AI. It is continuously trained to include the latest reliability, omission and congestion stats, as well as the latest published proforma and vessel schedules.

While the algorithm includes AIS real-time locations, it is only one of many sources; making the engine more resilient to flawed or missing AIS data.

Information can be accessed through our web app, notifications can be set up - and corporate subscriptions can be delivered directly into your back-end systems by API.

A suite of stats

Data-driven benchmarking is crucial for dialogue, negotiations and proactive planning today. eeSea provides a suite of stats for this purpose. During the journey, stats can be provided on real-time transit times (cargo in transit). Post-arrival, we offer stats on carriers' schedule reliability, as well as eeSea's own forecasting accuracy. Several other data visualizations are in the works.