Services module

A powerful mapping of every service globally, whether deep sea, short sea or feeder. Details on alliance and operating partners and slot charterers, including - finally - consistent service names. Vessels deployed and weekly capacity. Full schedule details, incl ports and terminals called, ETA/ETDs, nautical distances and speeds. A mapping of tradelane bottlenecks, head and back hauls, and the major cargo flows carried. All eeSealy accessible on our platform, cross-referenced and with powerful search and filtering options.

Services Big Data

Our entire database of 850+ services available to download in an eeSealy understandable Excel format. 60+ data fields and prepared dashboard overviews. Pivot, sort and filter by trade lane, carrier, region, port or tonnage size. Review services by port or coastal region, to gauge competitor moves or business development opportunities. We keep a complete history of service changes, and therefore present an accurate timeline of historical, current and future services and capacities deployed; evolution by year, quarter, month, week or even date. We're happy to work with you to create tailored reports and dashboard, to suit your specific needs.