eeSea for Shipping Lines: shipping schedules

Spy on Your Competitors

You can search our database of shipping schedules by name, trade lane, ports called, and even VSA partner. With our filters you'll be able to see a clear overview of who is operating what services, from when they're sailing, and what size vessels they use.


Stay Ahead of the Curve

We add services to our database once they're announced, regardless of if they're sailing yet. That way you can easily include future services in your own planning.

eeSea for Shipping Lines: future sailing services

eeSea for Shipping Lines: market intelligence files

Use the Data How You Want

Our downloadable Market Intel Excel files provide you with all of the information in our shipping database in one document. Filter and sort the data any way you need and create graphs to help visualize your analyses.


News Updated Daily

Find yourself receiving an overwhelming number of maritime newsletters? Every day we update our News module with only the items relevant to the container shipping industry. That means you can read about port upgrades, service changes, and financial reports without wading through dry bulk and ferry articles.

eeSea for Shipping Lines: container shipping news

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