Exiting Beta

The time has come for eeSea to take its next step forward.

Container Ship

For the past year, as we have been building our platform, it has remained open to all of you. We wanted you to experience the functionality we could offer, albeit with an incomplete data set. Many of you signed up and used the platform actively, and we are truly grateful to those first adopters. Thank you, sincerely.
We now have full global coverage of all mother liner services and of a significant portion of the ports and terminals around the world. The platform is ready for what it was built for: your daily working day.

As a result, from 1 January 2017, we'll be exiting our beta phase. Instead, we’ll be moving to a two-tier subscription level, offering Free and Pro versions in line with what has been communicated in earlier newsletters and in our many face-to-face meetings with you.


The Free version will continue to allow you access to the News module, where we curate the most important news items for you, every day. You can read the news with your morning coffee, or trawl backwards in our archive when researching specific topics.

However, from 1 January, you will need a Pro account to continue accessing the main modules of Services, Ports & Terminals, Companies, Vessels, and Nautical Routes, as well as our popular Market Intelligence files. We believe there is real value for you in these modules and the download of our detailed data sets.

The Pro version will be priced at US$99 per month per user. You can save 16%, or US$189, by signing up for a full year at US$999 per user. Our hope is that you will find this pricing structure much more simple and accessible than what you currently experience for similar products.


Services: We’ve mapped liner carriers’ global networks, including port rotations, ETA/ETDs, terminals called (where available), vessel sizes, VSA partners, bottlenecks, and more.
Ports & Terminals: We have a global mapping of ports and the terminals within them, including ownership and concessions length, capacity, and throughput.
Data Flexibility: We provide downloadable data sets from our Services and Ports & Terminals modules through our so-called market intel files, so you can slice and dice the data any way you want.
Curated News Stream: All of our news is fully tagged and cross-referenced, so you can read the articles relevant to you or search based on a specific topic.

eeSea Benefits

The time has come for eeSea to take its next step forward, and we hope you will continue supporting us as positively and loyally as you have up to now.