Far East - Europe Services Mapped


Since our last update, we've mapped all the 38 services (by our count) which somehow ply the Far East - Northern Europe and Far East - Mediterranean trades.



We've been able to map each service, as they look today, with ports called, rotation, partner lines, round-trip time and average vessel sizes.

These services will be kept updated as and when changes occur, and new services will be added; so these two trade lanes are now 'established' and continue to be correct in the eeSea database.

The way this works is through the use of two methods;

  • If a service is fundamentally changed - as in the case of the recent merger of two of O3's Northern Europe loops into one - then a new service (master) is created.
  • However, in the case that only minor changes are made (such as the addition of a port call), and the so-called master service remains (name, main partners, trades served), then a new version (child) of the service is added, with a given implementation date. An example is 2M's AE15/Tiger service, which was merged with the AE3 and in version 2 had calls at Beirut, Yantian and Piraeus dropped, and Tekirdag added (version 1 can be found in the drop down at the top of the page).

When maintaining the database we rely on news items and the carriers' websites, as well as a number of other tools. In many cases, however, we make judgment calls, as details are often different from carrier to carrier, or not updated at all. You would be surprised at the differences...


We are continuing to map the Transatlantic and Transpacific trades, as well as the Middle East trades, so we soon have a full East-West data set.