eeSea's Company, Terminal & News Modules


Three weeks ago we launched - and we've been hard at work since, making it better every day. More than 90 of you signed up for a free trial - and we would like you to keep coming back.

So in the coming weeks and months, we intend to keep you updated on the small changes and updates we make, and hopefully you will find them interesting and useful.

In this issue, the spotlight is on eeSea's Company, Terminal and News modules. Our intention is to use APM Terminals as a showcase for what we would like to achieve with eeSea; to combine market intelligence and a curated news stream with a pleasant and intuitive user interface.


These past months have been hectic for APM Terminals; so we decided to put a spotlight on the terminal operator and their global portfolio.

Have a look at the screen shots from the eeSea app, below this article.

Feel free to click the links in the above text; they illustrate news items, as well as company and terminal pages. Let's be honest, though; we do not have a full data set in the system yet, so there will be gaps in, for example, services serving individual ports and terminals; but we are working hard to get that to you.

In the meantime, we hope you like it, and look forward to hearing your comments, either to the individual news items, through our contact page or directly directly to


Other terminal operators, and other countries' ports and terminals, are not far behind the above APMT mapping - stay tuned, as we develop those.

Aside from our work in the terminals sector, we are also working on mapping all the Asia - Mediterranean and Asia - Red Sea liner services, in order to illustrate eeSea's capabilities in the Services module. We aim to deliver this to you very soon.

There's of course a long list of ports, terminals and trade lanes we would like to update and maintain, but if you have a particular reason why you would like to see a specific set of ports or a trade lane bumped to the top of the priority list, please do let us know, here or at

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