Launching eeSea

We're immensely proud to be launching eeSea today; the market intelligence portal for the global container transport industry.

It is built on the premise that with all the challenges facing the industry today and in the coming years, we genuinely need better information. We need more transparency. And if we are to truly build a 21st century transport industry, we need to make the ecosystem much, much smarter.

We're doing this by building a market intelligence portal - a large database, for all to use - which contains information on liner services, ports & terminals, vessels and the main company actors in the industry (basically a container-o-pedia). Equally important, we will be curating a news feed, which is fully tagged and cross-referenced, so it's easy to find what you are looking for. Our data set will be growing over the coming weeks, both in scope and depth, so bear with us if your specific information is not available right now. We will keep you updated as new trade flows and/or data layers are added to the database.

The objective is of course that you, our friends and users, can make better decisions and save time and money in doing so. Every day. That market intel-based decision making becomes part of your work day, as much as any other business decision you make. This information must be easily available to anyone who wants to use it.

With that in mind, please feel free to sign up for a free trial subscription to our Pro tier. No credit card is required - just your name and email address. You will have immediate access to the full portal, and can browse your way around. Enjoy the pleasing and intuitive interface, the depth of our data and the ease of cross-referenced links between the modules - amongst many other features.

Please also use the contact form here to give both criticism and positive feedback - we want it all !

This is a small step for eeSea, but a huge leap for the industry... Ah well, perhaps a slightly exaggerated analogy - but it's pretty big for us, and we hope you will enjoy eeSea as much as we do building and maintaining it for you. We're humble to the task in front of us - and look forward to building eeSea together with you.

Warm regards,
the eeSea team