eeSea Modules: shipping schedules

Services Module

You can search our database of shipping schedules by name, trade lane, ports called, and even VSA partner. With our filters you'll be able to see a clear overview of who is operating what services, from when they're sailing, and what size vessels they use.


Ports & Terminals Module

See capacity, throughput volumes, and ownership records of hundreds of the world's ports and terminals. Search by name, UN/LOCODE, city, country, coastal region, and more. Looking up a terminal operator by name shows their entire portfolio in map and list form.

eeSea Modules: container terminal management

eeSea Modules: container shipping companies

Companies Module

We have company pages for the big players involved in the container shipping industry including shipping lines, terminal operators, port authorities, vessel owners, and shipyards. Each page includes contact information, subsidiaries, and articles cross-referenced from our News module.


News Module

Find yourself receiving an overwhelming number of maritime newsletters? Every day we update our News module with only the items relevant to the container shipping industry. That means you can read about port upgrades, service changes, and financial reports without wading through dry bulk and ferry articles.

eeSea Modules: container shipping news

eeSea Modules: container shipping vessels

Vessels Module

Find a particular vessel by name or IMO number, owner or operator, or TEU capacity. Individual vessel pages show its currently operating service, previous and next ports, technical specifications, and country flag. You can even add your own image.


Nautical Routes Module

Want more specific port-to-port details beyond what is included in a service? Simply look up two ports, countries, or coastal regions to see information about distances in both nautical miles and kilometres. We've included a nice animated map so you can get the full visual effect.

eeSea Modules: container shipping routes

eeSea Modules: market intelligence files

Market Intelligence Files

We've saved the best for last. All of the information in our Services and Ports & Terminals modules can be downloaded from our database as Excel files that you can sort, filter, and edit to create your own analyses. Go crazy with pivot tables and graphs without wasting time copying everything from the Internet.

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